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What are the concerns when we choosing an electric one wheel skateboard?

June 25, 2021

we're all looking for a way to escape, get outside and enjoy the float! What are the concerns when we choosing an electric one wheel skateboard?

1. Security and reputation - 2. High performance - 3. Durable - 4. Solid Customer Service

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Security and reputation

Obviously, reputation and product safety are the most important things for buyers. And this is usually why the customers choose Trotter MAGWheel. Trotter has it’s own patents, and many years history in this area, a lot of customers around the world could advocate for its products. Since Onewheel was the only option for many years until the presence of Trotter MAGWheel. MAGWheel has many dealers around the world, because of this, more and more people have the chance to enjoy this innovative land surfing skateboard. With strong aluminium alloy frame and rubber foot pads, it could stand the test of time whether you ride it in city or off-road. 

High performance

In terms of the top speed, power and riding range, the 4 versions of Trotter MAGWHeel could meet most customers requests. The cheapest model is T1, if you’re a beginner of one wheel, and don’t want to cost too much for the first one wheel skateboard, T1 is the best choice. T1-LH is perfect for commuting, you never need to worry about it’s battery even you living far from your company. T2 is designed for people who want faster and a little challenge. T3 is a beast, through the jungle and the mountains, and enjoy the fastest speed.


For durability, due to the huge number of customers of MAGWheel, it is unmatched in terms of this. The build quality of MAGWheel is really pretty high, you can find a lot of MAGWheel users ride it for endless miles and no any issues occurring.

Customer Service

For mots “off- brand ”one wheels, there will be almost no customer services after purchasing, this is too bad for the customers who want to find a one wheel for daily commuter. If you’re not an engineer who like DIY or fix it by self, then you just got a heavy board without any help. And this is why more and more people choose MAGWheel with 12 months warranty and local dealers for after-sale service. Just like durability, not every brand have the same customer service as MAGWheel. In MAGWheel, you can pay just little fees for parts to repair it.

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