MAGWheel: one wheel electric skateboard takes you surfing

MAGWheel: one wheel electric skateboard takes you surfing

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to introduce a land surfing artifact for you, Trotter MAGWheel.

This is an innovative one wheel skateboard with simplest design, one big tire and one board. You can enjoy the pleasure of surfing anytime.

The T1 series has a range up to 20km, thanks to the 700W motor and 5.2ah battery. Whether you use it for commuting or weekend travel, never worry about losing range.

In addition, It is worth mentioning that it has an advanced self-balance system, which is very friendly for beginners.

Now, let me show you around with it. 





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MAGWheel is not only an electric scooter but an attitude of sports, it represents the personalities of pursuing freedom and self challenge.

It is an one wheel land surfing skateboard designed for young people who love sports but not satisfied with just enjoying the sea breeze on the top of waves. 

There are 4 types of MAGWHeel with different powers, ranges and max speeds for players to choose. It’s important to select the right mode, whether you're professional players or beginners. 

T-1 is more suitable for kids and beginners. With 700w motor and 48v 5.2Ah battery, it will be safe even at the maximum speed. It's very easy to start-up because of the advanced balance control system. 

The T-1 LH is an upgraded version based on the T-1.With the same power, the T-1 LH has double range. You can go for a long journey on weekend with MAGWheel T-I LH.

Imagine traveling with your family and friends through shorelines, mountains, jungles, and roadways, and you don't want to be trapped in your heavy car. At that time, T-1 LH can meet you needs.

T-2 Medium version, the king of cost performance of the MAGWheel series. Both speed and mileage, adapt to various terrains of roads and mountains. Obsidian flat and shiny existence is really essential for the experienced players

If you have experience driving all kinds of electric balance vehicles (unicycle, electric skateboard, electric scooter), you can skip T-1 basic model and choose T-2 advanced model. T-2 Medium version is designed for experienced players.

The main series of MAGWheel T-3 electric one wheel skateboard is closely related to adventure, and we hope to achieve the ultimate speed. Among the skateboards of the same type, choosing it is the representative of speed. We only hope to bring you the ultimate happiness and experience on speed.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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