Since 2015,Trotter started focusing on electric one wheel scooter,single wheel skateboard, land surfing skateboard.

One wheel scooter FUNKYWHEEL

FUNKYWHEEL is not only an electric scooter(electric single wheel skateboard, electric one wheel scooter) but an attitude of sports, it represents the personalities of pursuing freedom and self challenge.

It is an one wheel land surfing skateboard designed for young people who love sports but not satisfied with just enjoying the sea breeze on the top of waves.

The top speed is 20km/h. The relatively slow speed allows everyone to ride it smoothly and enjoy the scenery.

FUNKYWHEEL one wheel scooter/single wheel skateboard is suitable for all ages, especially for beginners and children. A stable boot system allows everyone t to learn to ride it quickly.

FUNKYWHEEL one wheel scooter will be a wonderful idea for couples to ride electric one wheel skateboard around the park, feeling the breeze and sunshine.

FUNKYUWHEEL's plain design frees your hands and allows you to record beautiful moments by your phone while riding.

The designer move the surfboard to the land and transform it into FUNKYWHEEL with one wheel and a board, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of surfing anywhere: urban, rural and suburban areas.



Maximum speed


Riding range


Maximum climbing angle

About 20°



Power of battery


Temperature suitable

10°C - 40°C

Storage temperature Minus

30 C - 70 C

Maximum load


Charger voltage

AC 220V 50-60HZ

Charging time

4~6 hours

Welcome to FUNKYWHEEL Ultimate Experience
Welcome to FUNKYWHEEL Ultimate Experience
FUNKYWHEEL one wheel skateboard is designed for people who love adventures and want to challenge themselves. Rough terrain, long-range, wet conditions, FUNKYWHEEL will gives great balance, high clearance and smooth-riding, on or off-road. 
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